Are you aware of the most recent IRS impersonation scam? The IRS posted another alert warning taxpayers and tax professionals of the latest in a long line of Internal Revenue Service scams.

This particular scam targets individuals with email addresses. Typically, the subject line on the email reads “Internal Revenue Service Email No. #### | We’re processing your request soon | T#####-########.” The email then asks the individual to sign in to what appears to be a Microsoft page and complete forms with personal and financial information. Although the page may look legitimate, it is not.

If you or anyone you know receives an email like this, your best option is to forward the email to and then delete the email from your inbox. Always remember that the IRS WILL NOT contact taxpayers by email or request personal information and/or financial information.

Any time you receive communications from the IRS, whether it be a letter in the mail, an email message, or any other method, feel free to contact the tax attorneys at MFDD. We would be happy to help determine if the communication is legitimate. If it is, we can help negotiate a settlement on your behalf.