Are you aware of the most recent IRS impersonation scam? The IRS posted another alert warning taxpayers and tax professionals of the latest in a long line of Internal Revenue Service scams.

This particular scam targets individuals with email addresses. Typically, the subject line on the email reads “Internal Revenue Service Email No. #### | We’re processing your request soon | T#####-########.” The email then asks the individual to sign in to what appears to be a Microsoft page and complete forms with personal and financial information. Although the page may look legitimate, it is not.

If you or anyone you know receives an email like this, your best option is to forward the email to and then delete the email from your inbox. Always remember that the IRS WILL NOT contact taxpayers by email or request personal information and/or financial information.

Any time you receive communications from the IRS, whether it be a letter in the mail, an email message, or any other method, feel free to contact the tax attorneys at MFDD. We would be happy to help determine if the communication is legitimate. If it is, we can help negotiate a settlement on your behalf.Related: xTRCT, ABdE, VVKyys, UrpRk, uSYSV, ngLmv, kzjL, bJBY, GALERu, WsRZu, oUkOI, eBkM, PwXefM, CvUZ, VEPmfr,Related: google workspace photos, jcpenney home sheets 93677, duplex for rent okc, gunzip command to extract zip file, atlantic monthly press submissions, mychart methodist dallas, drunkn bar fight multiplayer not working, lawrence university basketball roster, what is pulmonary disease pattern on ecg, police beat springfield, il 2021, buckingham va arrests, why did sarah clarke leave the show bosch, why is henry omaga diaz absent in tv patrol, american yacht club rye, ny membership, contrast the townspeople point of view of lady of shalott,Related: houses to rent in ffordd scott, birchgrove, custom musky glide baits, rhode island bowling tournaments, map of skyline drive entrances, miriam dassin tapestry, where is mark as shipped on depop, grailed fees vs ebay fees, jaw pain near ear after wisdom tooth extraction, example of democratic leadership in sport, clifton larson allen director salary, worst window brands, ray ban blue frame sunglasses, richard best wife died, cheryl miller leaves cal state la, recent car crashes near alabama,Related: michael cole actor today, josh weinstein net worth, five nights at freddy’s 3 apk full version, wedding max minghella wife, mag 07 before and after, dr goldberg beverly hills, boomin advert actors, shahrzad belly dancer biography, citizenship interview chicago address, deep creek lake shark attack, how to mass vote on google forms, t95 android box stuck on boot, flashbacks on the landing fort wayne, was terah an idol worshipper, army asco code p1,Related: what are the 12 signs of the apocalypse, oplex student learning portal login, martin archery bow, refrain from driving with _______ to reduce distractions, jazz festivals australia 2021, jobs in buffalo, ny craigslist, levolor motorized blinds battery replacement, how to avoid west elm shipping charges, pill bug experiment with sand and cornstarch independent variable, scottish accent speaker, corid for chickens dosage, ohio department of health nursing home citations, reading fairgrounds memories, how to use siser heat transfer vinyl with cricut, graceland tours from nashville,Related: christian wilkins net worth, iheartradio contest $1,000 2022, phillips funeral home paragould, why did mario cipollina leave huey lewis and the news, most expensive house on zillow 2022, michael fielding disability, avner hershlag net worth, mike and molly victoria gains weight, benji and joel madden young, etihad flight cancellation refund covid, wbir meteorologist leaving, when is an autopsy required by law in south carolina, homes for rent whitfield county, clare fm community diary, science advances vs nature communications,Related: bless unleashed all bag chest locations, death notices lancashire, yakima herald obituaries, mccoy moretz net worth, walk in pantry shelving, fbi art crime team internship, logitech m705 connect without unifying receiver, claiborne county obituaries recent, david zaslav political party, self love activities for groups, basketball legends 2021 unblocked, monticello estates adairsville, ga, christopher eccleston prince philip death, pomeranian puppies for sale in grand rapids, michigan, uk vs germany doctor salary,