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The Expanding Rights of Grandparents

What is relatively new to Pennsylvania child custody law is the concept that grandparents who have not assumed a parenting role or performed parental duties are now permitted to petition for physical and legal custody of their grandchild under certain situations.

Pennsylvania Child Support

DUTY OF CHILD SUPPORT Pennsylvania law typically requires the parents of a son or daughter to provide support to their child at least until he or she is 18 years old and graduates from high school.  The law presumes that parents living together are financially supporting their children.  But what happens when the parents are […]

Divorce, Marital Property and Equitable Distribution

In a Pennsylvania divorce, either the court orders or the spouses agree to divide all marital property equitably. An “equitable division of marital property” does not necessarily require an equal 50%/50% division. How marital property is divided depends on the specific facts and circumstances of each particular case. How MFDD Can Help You Survive Divorce […]